Sheep lake in the Seven Devils, Sep 5 - 8 2007

For this summer's backpack trip, we're going to Sheep Lake in the Seven Devils area of western idaho in the Hell's canyon national recreation area. Here are a few good web sites
Checkout this totally cool Sheep Lake in Seven devils placemarker for Google Earth.
He Devil She Devil has a good description of the goat pass high route that we are taking.
He Devil She Devil has another description of the goat pass high route that we are taking.
Seven devils hike diary. good descriptions and pictures of the area
hellscanyon. Official federal government web site.
Sheep lake hike diary (the long way). good descriptions of the long way to make the hike, plus some nice 3d maps.
Seven Devils (gorp). good general descriptions of the area
Seven Devils campground. general description of the campground where trip begins.

Here are several topo views of the area:
closeup of sheep lake (topozone)
wider view
widest view

The dates are Wed, Sep 5 - Sat, Sep 8, 2007.

It is about 3.5 hours drive from Boise to the trail head. We parked in the seven devils campground. Because our hike was after Labor day, there were plenty of places to park. We easily found the trail to Goat pass. The trail is easy to follow up the mountain above Seven Devils lake, although it is steep. The trail could be difficult in spots, if it were wet.
After reaching the summit of the ridge above Seven Devils Lake and looking at Mirror Lake and the Tower of Babel, the cutoff trail to Sheep Lake leaves the ridge after only a couple hundred yards. The trail angles down to Sheep Lake along a narrow
ledge for less than a mile and ends at some small ponds. Even though the ledge is less than 10ft wide at some points, it never feels like a lot of exposure.

Here are the rest of the pictures.


It seems like there were no fish in Sheep Lake. None could be seen from the shore, nor did we see any rise for feeding. None of us even got any strikes with lures or flies. We fished in two other nearby lakes named Gem and Shelf. They both had brook trout and cutthroat. Shelf Lake had deeper water and bigger fish.

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