Big Boulder Lakes, August 2004

For this summer's backpack trip, we're going to the Big Boulder Lakes, in the White Clouds wilderness area. It was difficult to find web sites that talk about these lakes. Here is what I found:
The Wild White Clouds
White Clouds info. Good history, geology, etc. Nice site.
More White Clouds info. Other interesting stuff.
White Clouds pictures. Very cool pictures, none of Boulder Lakes. Click on the 'Boulder White Clouds' link.
My 2004 Island Lake pictures. My own pictures of a 2004 hike to Island Lake and the surrounding Big Boulder Lakes.

Here are several topo views of the area:
Close up of the Big Boulder Lakes
Wider view
Widest. From this view you can see Redfish lake on the left-center of the map (long narrow), with town Stanley just above it. The red dot is over the Big Boulder Lakes.

The dates are Thursday, Aug 5 - Sunday, August 8, 2004.


Bagels, cheese, dried potatos, jerky (home made by me), summer sausage (doesn't need refrigeration), instant oatmeal, instant soup mix, etc. Details later.

Equipment List

sleeping bag
tent (shared)
sleeping pad
ground cloth
Ten essentials - pocket knife, raingear, flashlight, extra batteries, matches
clothing - swimming suit, flipflops or sandals for camp, etc.
firstaid kit
mess kit
cleanup kit - biodegradeable soap, toothbrush, toilet paper
water purification
cooking stove
cooking supplies - pots, pans, utensils, cleanup supplies
trash bags
Water container (collapsible)
hand shovel
sunscreen, bug repellent
maps, compass
rope or cord

Useful links

Leave No Trace.