Near Imogene Lake and Cramer Peak Idaho Aug 9 - 11, 2012

Gavin, John, Matthew, Spencer and I hiked to one of the small lakes just to the north of Imogene Lake in the Sawtooths September 9, 2012. Imogene is only a few miles past Hellroaring Lake which has a very scenic view of the valley and a very distinctive rock formation above it named 'The Finger of Fate'.
The road to the trailhead turns west into the Sawtooth's about 15 miles south of Stanley. It is a very rough road only accessible to high clearance vehicles. I think four wheel drive is not necessary, but only high clearance. The parking area is not as far in as the USGS topo maps show, so there is about 1 mile further to hike to the lakes.

Our original destination had been Lake 8733, but after the 6 mile hike and three quarters of a mile off trail finding our way around steep rock formations, we decided to camp at one of the unnamed lakes to the north of Imogene Lake. It was a long narrow lake, very scenic. We had it all to ourselved for the two nights. There were a few fish, but I had left my fishing pole in the car, so I couldn't catch any.

The day after our hike in we climbed Cramer Peak. From our camp site it took about three hours. We took a route roughly west toward Profile Lake, then followed the less steep ridge to the top.

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