Alpine Lake in Sawtooth National Recreation Area, July 29 - Aug 1 2009

Here is a bit of info about our Father and Son's trip into Alpine Lake in the Sawtooths.

Here is a topomap of the area - Alpine Lake topo.

The trailhead starts at Iron Creek campground, which is a few miles west of the town of Stanley Idaho. The trail to Alpine Lake is about 4 miles and has only about two steep spots. We found a nice seculed campsite on the northeast side of the lake about 150 yards from the lake. We were well hidden from the main trail around the lake.

Matthew and I climbed Alpine Peak Thursday morning. As you can see from the route map, on the way down we forgot about the huge cliffs on the south side of the lake. Oh well! It was a great adventure.

On Friday we all hiked to Sawtooth Lake and then south down the vallay to two other lakes. It took about 20 minutes just to hike from one end of Sawtooth Lake to the other. Near the top of the saddle to Sawtooth lake was a beautiful meadow with several streams flowing into small ponds.

Here are annotated pictures and videos from the hike.

The fishing was poor in both lakes. I saw one tiny brook trout in Alpine and many small ones in Sawtooth lake, but did not catch any.

There was an open outhouse, with a real toilet seat, at the north side of Alpine lake on the north side of the outlet.

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